Jun 14, 2010

SEO Page Load Time

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As most of you probably know Google recently confirmed that site speed will be used in search ranking. So, I have spent most the last month working on improving page load time. First I added Firebug to the Firefox browser for testing. I am also using Web Pagetest which lets you test from several world-wide locations, Plus GTmetrix that shows results from YSlow and Google's Page Speed.

For sizing of images I am using an online Online Image Editor to re-size the images so they will pass in the above named tools. Am now getting a grade of "B" (84%) with YSlow and a grade of "A" (90%) with Page Speed. This is only for the main landing page of Rex's Leather Collection.

Now I need to work on getting a CDN and setting it up, which is a lot of work (Not as simple as the CDN companies say), the hard work is going into your web pages and changing all the paths to your static content and I have over 500 pages (Think I am going to be sick just Thinking about It).

More Later.
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