Feb 17, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Need RFID Blocking Leather Passport Cases & Wallets

RFIDs are now being placed in passports & wallets. This means that any hacker can come come along and get personal information about you if you just leave your passport unprotected. A simple scan and your information is no longer private. A passport jacket isn’t enough protection. You need an RFID blocking travel passport case. This will add the protection you need and a quality look.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get one of these RFID passport wallets immediately.


passport holders 1. Identity theft. As you are walking through the airport with your passport in hand, the last thing you would expect is for someone to scan your passport for the RFID chip that’s inside. However these things happen all of the time. With that information, they can easily get personal information about you including your name, country of origin, address and everything else. That’s plenty of information to steal your identity.

2. Property theft. Once they’ve got your information, they know you’re at the airport so you’re probably going to be gone for awhile. That’s plenty of time for someone to get to your home, break in and steal all of your belongings. Worst of all, because you’re on travel, you won’t even know until you come home – days or weeks after it has taken place.

3. Credit card data. Keeping your credit cards in your wallet isn’t good enough. Keeping them inside of an RFID blocking passport case will help to keep this data more safe than it would otherwise be. Pick-pockets can take your wallet and slide it back without you ever knowing. A passport case is usually in your hand as you make your way through the airport, though. This way, your credit card information is safe and you don’t find out that all of your cards have been maxed out.

4. Credit Card Companies aren’t prepared for security risks. If they’re not ready for securing people’s cards against RFID hackers then you need to be. If you’ve got them in a case, you are doing something proactive to keep your information safe even though most companies haven’t figured out how to do it. Sure, they’ll cover fraudulent charges but what about in the meantime. It’s better to not go through it at all if you don’t have to.

5. Lack Of Encryption. Some cards are not using high encryption codes because they don’t anticipate any security threats. Anything with an RFID is subject to hackers, though. This could mean your student ID, a gym membership or anything else with an RFID tag in it. While it may seem harmless, if it’s not encrypted someone can easily find out personal details about you. It’s then in their hands with what they want to do with the information they are obtaining from you.

You don’t want your information falling into the wrong hands so it’s important that before you step foot out of your house with your passport in hand, it’s secured within an RFID blocking case. It’s not worth wondering if the data is encrypted or if you’ll encounter a hacker. It’s better to be safe to start with.

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