Oct 9, 2013

Why your business should have a Corporate Gift Program!

Showing appreciation for your clients is a great way to keep them coming back to you. In fact it is far more cost effective to retain your existing clients then to acquire new ones. A small token of recognition will set you apart from the rest.

The same holds true for your valued employees. Incentive Programs are one of the best ways to express acknowledgment for exceptional performance and personal achievements ensuring that your staff stays motivated to shatter their goals.

We can create a gift-giving strategy for every budget. You will quickly find that every dollar spent is a long-term investment in the crucial business relationships that keep your business humming. Our corporate gift specialists will gladly discuss your options and tailor a program to suit your needs and reinforce your brand. We provide seamless and cost effective solutions for every occasion.

Types of gifts and incentives

Client gifts

When you give corporate gifts to clients, you greatly enhance your relationship with them. Gift giving also enhances the image of your company in the receiver’s mind. When clients have a positive image of you and your business practices, they are likely to maintain a good relationship with you, and they are likely to refer your services to others.
  • Loyalty - continued patronage throughout the years
  • Milestones - completion of large projects, accolades for a special event
  • Promotional - keep your name in front of your clients
  • Functional - keepsakes they will be happy to use everyday
Employee recognition gifts

By giving gifts to your employees, you show them that you appreciate their hard work. The dedication that employees demonstrate and the effort they put forth make it possible for you to run a successful operation. When you give your employees gifts, you are essentially thanking them and letting them know that you appreciate their efforts.
  • Incentives - extravagant treasures to aspire for
  • Recognition - promotions, birthdays, retirements, service
  • Team - reward hitting target budgets, deadlines, goals
Boosting employee morale

Employees who receive gifts from you are likely to continue putting forth a good effort. Gifts can also encourage your employees to enhance their performance. When workers feel appreciated, they are likely to be more productive during their work hours. They’ll spend less time idling and more time working in support of your company’s goals

Conference Gifts
  • In-room - welcome your group in style
  • Awards - unique personalized acknowledgements of achievement
When to buy

The end of the year is a popular time to show appreciation and recognize achievement. There is no set time for giving corporate gifts, you can distinguish yourself, and surprise your recipients by choosing to distribute gifts and awards at unexpected times.

What to give

The best gift choices have some meaning to the recipient. Many organizations choose consumable products, such as gift baskets as a cost effective choice. "RLC " has many Business Corporate Gifts to choose from that are rich in symbolism, and many can be personalized by the artisan to signify a specific event. Our corporate gift specialists will work with you to choose the perfect gift, something that will long outlast a flower arrangement, or box of chocolates. Please click here for details on some of special gifts we have recently coordinated.

How much to spend

There is no predetermined amount for business gifts, the event or occasion will usually be your best guide for determining an adequate budget. If you are awarding one special prize you will undoubtedly spend more than on each in-room gift for a corporate retreat or conference. You can make an impressive choice without spending a lot of money, or you can make an impact with something truly unique depending on your occasion. For client gifts, it is also common to tailor the amount you spend on each gift based on the amount of business your client gives you. "RLC " gift certificates are a wonderful option as well, giving your recipient over 800 products to choose from.

It's never too late to start

Your gift and incentive program is a sign of your appreciation and generosity and is an integral part of maintaining vital business relationships. We'll be happy to develop a new program for your organization, or enhance your existing one; please call 1-888-518-4402 or email customercare@rexleather.com to speak to our corporate gift specialists today.


Inexpensive gifts make you look cheap

If you decide to send corporate gifts to potential or current clients, customers, or business partners, make sure that you can afford to send quality gifts. You don’t have to go over the top, but sending inexpensive gifts is not good for your image. Instead of promoting your brand in a positive way, you could inadvertently make your business seem cheap or stingy. Your gifts could have an effect opposite to what you intended.

Uncreative gifts aren’t memorable

Don’t bother with uncreative gifts that are mass produced and sent out to every customer. These aren’t memorable, and you’ll probably just end up spending a lot of money on a promotional effort that won’t produce results. For example, small magnetic calendars might seem useful, but most of them will end up in the trash. A gift like this doesn’t set you apart from other companies.

Branding can seem self-serving

If you plaster your logo or company motto on every corporate gift, you could be hurting your image. Branding efforts should be done tastefully. You can use corporate gifts as a way to promote your business and increase the visibility of your logo, but don’t overdo it. A gift that’s clearly intended as a promotional item seems less sincere. If your customers think you’re just trying to advertise, it defeats the purpose of sending a gift in the first place.

Excessive gifting isn’t beneficial

Sending corporate gifts on holidays or other special occasions can be beneficial, but try not to give too many gifts. If you are constantly giving gifts to the same client, you probably come across as overeager. Occasional gifts are appreciated, but too much can become annoying, and it’s probably not helping you anyway. Excessive gifting costs money and is unlikely to be any more beneficial to your business than occasional gifting.

How to get started


Browse our web site to see our vast selection of handcrafted gifts. Many of our items can be personalized for your specific occasion.


Call 1-888-518-4402 or email customerscare@rexleather.com for personal assistance in choosing the gifts that are right for your occasion and budget. Our corporate gift specialists will be delighted to put together a proposal specifically tailored for your organization.


We'll handle everything else. Each gift will be sent directly to your recipients specially gift wrapped with your message included.


Corporate gifts can improve your relationships with clients, prospects, business partners, and employees. They are an opportunity to express your appreciation for patronage and hard work. Care must be taken to select the right types of corporate gifts, however. It is more important for your gifts to be unique and tasteful than it is for them to serve as a means to advertise your business through promotional branding. The costs involved can also be a potential pitfall in your gifting strategy. Pricey corporate gifts can fall outside of your budget and offer only marginal returns. Cheap gifts can damage your company's image. You can find the right corporate gifts for your budget by selecting items that are uniquely useful to the recipients, even if it is in a small way.

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